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The World:

A tumultuous plane of, unstable weather, and floating terrain and incomparable natural beauty and danger. Khalkeus, is a world of raw untapped magical potential. Its surface is wracked with volatile seismic movements called “Land storms”, whose violent shifts make life there precarious, unpredictable, and often nomadic. Rivers cascade upwards from deep ravines. Jagged mountains spew countless earth elementals to halt those who would scale their heights and lush primal forests grow faster than fire can burn them. Several races populate the continent of Heuphas, but the ones who have lasted the endless rampaging storms and have proved to be the most resilient are the: Dwarves, Humans and Orcs.

Orcs are the longest recorded race to live on the continent of Heuphas, with their ancestry and stories predating the very first Humans and Dwarves, to the time of Sky and Earth. It is claimed that they where once war driven, however the time where this was reality has long since faded past memory. They now fill the roll of the continents shamanistic people, believing that the spirits that shift the land can also be used for them. They are renowned mystics and guides, using their natural strength to travel from one landscape to another according to the whims of their god Vularon.

Dwarven society is devoted to learning, philosophy, exploring, and study. They view the world of Khalkeus not only with awe, but also as an intellectual challenge for them to accept. Optimistic, they hold full faith in scientific progress and technological advancement. Probably the least nomadic of the three races on Heuphas, Dwarves adhere to not only to the scientific principles of their world but also fully explore the magical underpinning that is ever present. This alliance between magic and science has allowed Dwarven cities to be built.

The history of the Humans on Khalkeus is not entirely clear, just appearing onto the world stage. And it is widely accepted that they probably came from a Merging. But what is understood is that for much of their known history, the Humans lived as tribal hunters. Ruled formally by a monarch called the Hand of D’hal, they are equally ruled by tradition. Protocol, ritual, and personal honor are closely intertwined, with a failure in one translating in failure to the others. Sacrifice is an integral part of the social fabric, with a cultural emphasis on blood. War and combat are still vital aspects of their culture. Adults must prove themselves to have at least some level of fighting skill in order to be accepted into society.

mtg__evolving_wilds_by_samburley-d5hpfdt.jpg Above is the beginning of a “Land storm”

For the most part the world is an archipelago, however due to the lack of exploration and the pointlessness of doing so, because of the ever changing landscape, this is up for speculation.

The wildlife on the islands are almost as varied as the landscape they forage, due to the shifting of the Islands it is fairly commonplace for them to collide in a clash of both: the fusing of elemental energy, and the different creatures from both islands


These creatures have evolved to their own lands for generations in isolation to anything else, but when one of these Convergences occur creatures, plants and animals tend to start moving from one ecosystem to another this can be for simple curiosity or for food however the outcome is normally the same. This can cause massive damage, almost more than the elemental storms. Destroying plant life with invasive new species, Introducing new Alfa predators, or new virulent diseases that have no effect on one of the islands creatures, but can ravage a new island.

However these examples requires prolonged exposer to allow the inhabitants of the islands to cross each others Roils, and since most convergences end within a few hours, damage is normally minimal.

The Island:

You live on the Island of Heuphas, a fairly small island giving 22,600 square kilometres of usable land, with the rest of it in a state of elemental storms and Roils, making it impossible to colonize the outer regions due to instability. However when counting the outer Roils that surround Heuphas, the island extends to over 40,700 square kilometres.


The island is split

To live in the continent of Heuphas, is to live in a world in turmoil. To live in a society that has taken generations to simply keep up with the land under their feet or create a town with the materials scavenged. Air elementals cause wind storms as they move overhead, volcanoes spit creatures from deep under the earth, and massive monsters move under the boiling seas.

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